Radiation Safe Air Tube Headset RF3 Next Generation Cellular Headset


Is Your Wireless Frying Your Brain?
The question concerning the health risks associated with EMR (electromagnetic radiation), RF (Radio Frequency) radiation and EMF (Electromagnetic field) and your wireless phone is once again being questioned. It was just a few short years ago that cell phone companies and governmental watchdogs were advising everyone to go “hands free” to offer some reduction of risk from EMR. Many of them have now flip-flopped and suggest the wired and wireless headset are serving as a conduit and is delivering the radiation right to your brain through your ear.

Accredited laboratory tests indicate that using an Air-tube Headset reduces EMR exposure by 98%.

The big question is how do you mitigate the risk, when your brain is mostly likely already fried on work, the significant other, and the age old question, “what am I having for dinner tonight?” The answer is simple and believe it or not, affordable! Consider the use of Air tube headsets while driving. The Air tube keeps radiation away from the brain by using a hollow tube to convey sound from a speaker located at a distance from the head. The design is the same principal as the headsets the Air Lines issue you and the tube and earpiece contain no metallic conductors.
Some times simplicity is the best answer. Consider investing in an air-tube headset that delivers crystal clear sound through an air-filled tube, and very little EMR.

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