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Karmajyot Sewa Trust President VB Gupta said that the trust had filed a PIL in Supreme Court in August 2005 for control of radiation and norms for putting up mobile tower setup. With the united effort of several NGOs the Court had ordered the government to look into the matter, it said.

Gupta claimed that in India, nearly 270 million customers use cellphones and there are over three lakh towers, which emit electromagnetic radiations and application of ICNIRP norms would be a boon to people.
The buying power of Indians has increased and with it the number of electronic appliances and mobile phones. All electronic appliances emit harmful radiations, strict norms should be applied to see that radiation remain within permissible limits,” said Zafar Haq, Cogent Head corporate affairs.

The Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) has opposed the government proposal to make it mandatory for mobile phone manufacturers to specify radiation levels on mobile phones and monitor levels of mobile towers.

Lafayette, Louisiana
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