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Qlink Pendant

Qlink Pendant Reviews

Home Radiation Protection

Mental Game/Performance Enhancement Coach for PGA and LPGA Tour Professionals

“The Q-Link is a powerful tool for golfers, enhancing performance under the stress of competition. It reduces mental ‘chatter’ and distraction, making it easier to focus, concentrate, and ease into the settled, even flow of being in the Zone. Don’t tee off without it!”

Gerry James
2002 World Long Drive Champion

“As the 2002 leading money winner on the Pinnacle Long Drive Tour, I feel the Q-Link has helped me crush the ball as far as I possibly can. I wore the Q-Link in all of my victories, and I wouldn’t be without it.”

David C. Rupley, Jr., MD

“Having trained as a medical practitioner with FDA registered equipment, I can tell you these results are highly unusual, even extraordinary. While wearing the Q-Link, players were nearly five times more likely to immediately reach an optimal range, and this was demonstrated throughout the body. Q-Link technology is a powerful tool for anyone interested in optimal health and wellness, and will support, promote and benefit peak performance in sports.”

Santa Clarita, California
Warrnambool, Victoria
Holland, Amsterdam
Stockton, California
Haiti, Port-au-Prince
Irving, Texas
New Zealand
Sale, Victoria
Phoenix, Arizona
Mildura Victoria Australia


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