Qlink Pendant Reviews and 2001 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year



Qlink Pendant

Qlink Pendant Reviews

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QLink Pendant Reviews – Reduce Stress and Improve Efficiency And Productivity

Charles Howell III
2001 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year
“I’ve been wearing my Q-Link now for four years and I absolutely know that Q-Link will help you and everybody else out there with their golf games.”

Tommy Armour III
PGA Tour Winner
“I can really feel the benefits of the Q-Link system, I feel more control and composed in pressure situations and that helped get back the feeling I could go out and win tournaments again.”

Lee Janzen
Two-Time U.S. Open Champion, Two-Time U.S. Ryder Cup Team Member
“I wear Q-Link because I don’t want to leave anything to chance on the course. I like to have a competitive edge while I play and Q-Link provides exactly what I need.”

Tom Pernice, Jr.
PGA Tour Winner
“The Q-Link’s been wonderful for me. It’s really helped me relax and focus much better on the golf course. I don’t get nearly as uptight as I did before. All in all, it’s a magical product. I’m amazed. I’m loving it so far.”

Overland Park, Kansas
Waco, Texas
Lafayette Louisiana USA
Thousand Oaks, California
Bathurst, Australia
Athens, Georgia
Phoenix Arizona USA
Baltimore, Maryland
Macedonia, Skjope
Rancho Cucamonga California USA


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