QLink Pendant Reviews 3 Time PGA Tour Winner



Qlink Pendant

Qlink Pendant Reviews

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Scott McCarron
3 Time PGA Tour Winner

“With Q-Link, I jumped almost 1000 spots in the PGA Tour rankings in less than a year – one of the biggest jumps in history. I wore Q-Link during my recent 2nd place finish at the Wyndham Championship. Q-Link and its SRT technology made me calmer, more focused and gave me the ability to think more clearly. I wasn’t frustrated during my rounds and afterward, was able to sleep better because of Q-Link.”

Nick Faldo
3-Time US Open and Masters Champion
“I’ve been using a Q-Link for a couple of months now and I have seen a marked improvement in my sleeping patterns.”

Chris Stroud
PGA Tour Player

“I wore Q-Link for the first time during The 2008 Texas Valero Open and felt totally calm and at ease when I normally would feel much stress. I felt like a calm Pacific Ocean, powerful and very steady. I am very in-tune with my body and how it reacts to change and have truly noticed the Q-Link has eliminated all tension and anger on the course brought on by bad shots .My game and my outlook has gotten a tremendous boost since wearing Q-Link and have the best finish of my career to show for it.”

Honolulu, Hawaii
Montgomery, Alabama
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
Yonkers, New York
Bolivia, Sucre
Greece, Athens
Swan Victoria Australia
Pasadena California USA
Singapore, Singapore
Ipswich Queensland Australia

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