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John Douillard, D.C.
Ayurvedic Physician and Author

“In my practice and in my book Body, Mind, and Sport, I teach the importance of maintaining a calm center within the activity of one’s life. In fact, the calmer one is, the more powerful one can be. Like the eye of a hurricane, the bigger the eye, the calmer the center is and the more powerful the hurricane. I use a variety of methods to induce both athletes and non-athletes into this experience of inner calm. Most athletes, as do most activities in the West, create a state of fight or flight emergency, which wears the body down. The Q-Link directly supports this calm center within one’s self. I strongly recommend the Q-Link to serious athletes and to everyone else who wants more graceful and less stressful performance.”

Alfredo Kofman, PhD

Former Professor and Teacher of the Year at MIT Sloan School of Management. Author of The Fifth Discipline Handbook and many other books on Management Science, Organizational Behavior and Economics. Top consultant to Chrysler, Shell Oil, General Motors, EDS, Intel, Phillips and other corporations.
“The Q-Link works, but that is not nearly as important as why it works – just like an apple falling is not nearly as important as why it falls. The operating principles and theories behind the Q-Link are so innovative that they have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the human being – and the Universe. I have been impressed by the Q-Link because it has helped me balance my physical, emotional, and cognitive energies.

I feel a greater clarity and well being in my mind, and my doctor has detected the same clarity and well-being in my blood. But more importantly, I’m impressed because the Q-Link has opened the most fascinating exploration on the nature of reality I’ve ever undertaken. I sincerely hope that more people find the Q-Link a key to health and development.”

Port Lincoln, South Australia
Sydney Australia
Equatorial Guinea, Malabo
Port Lincoln, South Australia
Bellevue Washington USA
Townsville, Queensland
Grand Prairie, Texas
Portugal, Lisbon
Bosnia, Sarajevo
Al Hayl, United Arab Emirates, Al Hayl, UAE

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