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Q-link Pendant

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“STOP! The seal above is your guarantee that you’re buying from an Authorized Q-Link Reseller. We’ve been selling Q-Links since 1988!

Feeling drained, weak, irritable, distracted and anxious? Is a lack of stamina, focus, energy and productivity keeping you from reaching your goals or even worse keeping you from keeping up with the basics of life? If so, you aren’t alone.

We’ve become a culture that is constantly on the move and captive to often unfriendly environments. The necessity for multi-tasking to stay on top of responsibilities and to compete in the workplace or otherwise is unprecedented. We now depend on mobile phones, laptop computers and are exposed to other electronics known to generate harmful EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

The folks at Q-Link have spent more than a quarter century perfecting their proprietary technology called SRT-3 (Sympathetic Resonance Technology), designed to clarify and support the body’s energetic system, also known as the “”Biofield””, a term coined by the US National Institutes of Health to describe an ensemble or matrix of different energies that extend outward from each person’s body.

Increasingly recognized by both mainstream and alternative doctors, a strong biofield is believed to not only support and nourish the body, but also strenghthen its ability to cope with many forms of stress, function with greater efficiency, be more productive, and perform at higher levels across the board.

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Palau, Koror
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Qlink Pendant

Qlink Pendant Protection

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