Q Link Pendant Testimonials and Reviews

Q Link Pendant Testimonials and Reviews

QLink Pendant Testimonials

Q Link Pendant Reviews



My chiropractor notices the difference when I wear my Q-link

I’ve been wearing a Q-link pendant for several years, as has my husband. We feel better and more energetic from wearing them. When my chiropractor was performing muscle testing on me, he found that when I was wearing the Q-link it improved the results so much that it inadvertently masked a condition that I had and was being tested for. Now we make sure I remove the Q-link to get accurate muscle testing. This showed us the Q-link does make a positive difference.

Another difference I noticed since wearing the Q-link pendant is that I can now shop in stores that have florescent lighting, whereas before I would get dizzy and disoriented, and would have to leave the store

Great little pendant!

I don’t know all specs of the science behind the Q-link, however, I know that my people have worn copper on their bodies, dating back thousands of years. There must be something to it. I haven’t had an allergy attack lasting more than a few hours at most, in the last year and a half since I bought the Q-link! I can concentrate better and indeed perform better at certain tasks.

I’ve been wearing mine for about a month now. Here are the main things that I have experienced: #1 I work in a very stressful environment. I find myself the calm in the center of the storm. #2 I love espresso but I used to find I’d get slight heart palpitations. I no longer feel those palpitations. #3 My thoughts and speech are much clearer.

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