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Jaime Vendera
Author and Vocal Coach to Bands & Performers Worldwide

“I am always wearing my Q-Link. I wear it all day long, to bed, for traveling in planes, during seminars and during all types of performances. Q-Link is especially helpful to me in highly stressful situations such as television appearances and recording environments. If you want to generally feel better, sing better, perform better and live better, then check out Q-Link!”

Paraic McGlynn
COO Bicycle Ranch LLC, Certified Fitting Specialist, Professional Cycling Coach

“I was a skeptical Q-Link wearer initially. Almost immediately (within 24hrs) I noticed three distinct differences. The first was my ability to handle stressful situations with out becoming stressed. The second was the quality of my sleep, I was more refreshed even with less than 6 hours of sleep. The third benefit was to my memory, I noticed that my recall was quicker and clearer (I’m 32 and have no memory issues per say but there was a distinct difference).

These differences became more apparent and consistent after a week of wearing the Q-Link. After something becomes normal its benefits become the norm. Recently I went a week without wearing my Q-Link (after a business trip), I was perplexed why I was feeling so tired until I re-made the correlation between overall mental sharpness and fatigue and the absence of my Q-Link. I am a fan and I heartily can attest to its benefits. I appreciate the opportunity to use your product and will continue to turn my clients onto this great product.”

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