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Bob Welton
“On November 27th I started wearing the new Q-Link. On December 3, I had my first hole in one at Crow Creek in Calabash, North Carolina. It was a 182 yd shot into the wind to the second tier of a 2 tiered green. It was my first hole in one in 50 years of golf. I thought you might be interested. I am becoming a believer.”

Bruce B.
“I must be honest I was bit skeptical at first but was open minded enough to give your product a try. I have been trying for years to break 80. Today, I shot the round of my life, a 79 on my home course. I seemed to stay more focused through out the whole round and when I made a bad shot, I seemed to be less stressed. I have to admit your Q-Link pendant works. Thank you.”

Dave T.
“I bought the Q-Link on a 90 day trial and that was year and a half ago. After 60 days my handicap dropped from a 5.2 to 3.8. I found that I was calmer and less frustrated on the course. I have a temper and I find that I don’t lose it like I use to on the course. The Q-Link offered a plus that I hadn’t counted on. I wear the Q-Link when flying and I am not as frustrated as I used to be in airports.”

Mackay, Queensland
San Marino, San Marino
Orlando, Florida
City of Rockdale, Australia
Santa Clara, California
Savannah, Georgia
Chesapeake, Virginia
Niger, Niamey
Anchorage, Alaska
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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