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Jerry Garrison
Manufacturers Representative, Champions Tour

“I am always looking for something to help my clients. The Q-Link has been widely accepted by the players, even though many can not endorse it due to contractual obligations. They use the Q-Link to help with stress, concentration, focus, and to balance the pressure of competition. It can take you to a new, higher level on and off the course. My mind is quicker and I retain more thoughts. Thank you Q-Link!”

Robert Pickett
PGA Class A Member – GM, Head Professional – San Geronimo Golf Course

“As a Head Golf Professional/General Manager of a golf course I come across items from time to time that are said to enhance golfing performance and until recently I hadn’t paid much attention to the claims or products. My friend came to me with a product called the Q-Link touting that it would reduce my stress levels while playing golf. At first I was skeptical as the product states that it does this in a passive manner but I told Jim that I would wear it and try it. I had an immediate response to the Q-Link but I couldn’t really identify it.

I had an upcoming event to play in so I thought that I would try it there. It was a match play event, handicapped, and the gentleman I was playing had to give me 1 shot on the round. I hadn’ t been playing well or much recently so I didn’t really expect to do well. I played one of my best rounds of the season, beginning the first four holes 3 under par and closed out my opponent on the 15th hole. I finished the day with an even par score of 71 and also beat him out of a beverage on the last hole.

As a result of this experience I have worn my Q-Link ever since that round. I believe in the product as my play was enhanced and my daily stress level is indeed reduced. I recommend it for anyone!”

Goulburn Australia
San Marino, San Marino
El Salvador, San Salvador
Italy Rome
Rockford, Illinois
Kuwait Kuwait City
Laos Vientiane
New York City, New York
Mount Isa Queensland Australia


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