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This is an important link toward confirming the same health problems occur whether caused by cell phones, powerlines or appliances.

After powerlines were forced upon us by restraining order, I soon developed high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and frequent adrenalin surges. I also was hospitalized 6-7 times due to thrombophlebitis in both legs. The doctors had numerous problems trying to adjust my prothrombin levels (clotting time) and after contacting a hematologist at the University of Minnesota, my doctor told me “you are a first in medical history” (my blood kept getting thinner and thinner in spite of adjustments — “very sensitive to all medications”).

Due to my inability to tolerate blood thinning medications as well as my inability to sit for extended periods of time day-after-day, my Internist told me to file for disability. Around this same time or soon thereafter, I also had been diagnosed with Lupus Profundus (**a rare skin condition – red scalding-appearance on the -pain” I endured whenever my chest wall or parts of my legs were bumped or touched.

The health problems described above were not confirmed by “objective testing” and since evidence to prove my disability was “only subjective,” I was denied disability and had to hire an attorney for an appeal. Social Security Disability Benefits were then awarded based on “………my credibility in spite of the inability of medical science to diagnose the severe symptomatology.”

It was not until many years later that I learned of one or more studies linking EMF/EMR to blood-clotting problems. I did not make “a connection” to EMF/EMR until my two grandsons were diagnosed with “rare immune” and we were told they may develop Leukemia or other cancers. No genetic link was found….the boys were moved away from walls opposite electric meters…..they “got well….!!!”

As with my own guinea pig studies regarding *white blood cell changes (dramatic) after chronic, prolonged exposure to low levels of EMF/EMR (electric meter), these students have again demonstrated that “ordinary citizens” can do studies that “replicate” some of the “inconclusive studies” that many scientists don’t dare to do because of fears of losing jobs/funding, etc.!!!! Take care – (name removed for data protection)
(*Many cases of 40%raised white cell count were found amongst staff in the American embassy, Moscow after bombardment with 4microwatts of EMR/microwaves. – See: Project Pandora). This symptom appeared in Kensworth in 2005, 100 metres from the Orange mast after 4 years of local exposure to emissions.

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