Power Lines, Cell Phone Radiation Causing Numbness And Nerve Tingling In One Of Her Arms

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During 1975, Robert Bryden, who lives at 140 Water Street, began to observe drastic warping and blurring of his television picture, and to experience pain and swelling in his eyes; his wife was suffering from swelling of the face and numbness and nerve tingling in one of her arms. Bry¬den then wrote more than a dozen letters of complaint to Guilford and Connecticut officials; to the Federal Commu¬nications Commission, in Washington, D.C.; to the repre¬sentative for his congressional district; and to Senator Abraham Ribicoff. As a result of requests from the F.C.C., whose officials clearly believed that power lines were creating the interference, Connecticut Light & Power on several occasions sent representatives to Bryden’s neigh¬borhood to investigate the problem.


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