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Professor Johansson:

It all started in the 1980’s after having listened to a radio programme in which Ms Kajsa Vedin from Gothenburg, herself very active from a union point of view and the author of an excellent analysis entitled “In the shadow of a microchip” (about the occupational risks involved in computer-based work), asked for expertise in neurology. As a neuroscientist I thought I was close enough, and I strongly believed that the issues she wanted to highlight, using the conventional repertoire of scientific “tools”, ought to be easily investigated. I did not realise at all that there were other forces not wanting to see such studies initiated, but very soon I understood that these very clear-cut and simple and obvious investigations proposed by Kajsa Vedin would be very, very hard to start.

The same type of propositions soon were brought forward by many other persons including the two journalists Gunni Nordstrom and Carl von Schéele, who later published their first book, “Sjuk av bildskarm” (“Ill from VDT work”; Tidens Forlag, 1989, ISBN 91-550-3484-5). Unfortunately, most of these proposed studies are still not brought into life, 15 years later.

South Perth, Victoria
Moe, Victoria
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Haiti, Port-au-Prince
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Hobart Burnie, Tasmania
City of Shoalhaven, Australia
Worcester, Massachusetts
Vietnam, Hanoi
Al Masafirah, United Arab Emirates, Al Masafirah, UAE

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