Overusing Cellphones May Cause Cancer

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By The Nation
After the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a warning that people who used mobile phones too much could face the risk of brain tumour, the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Institute (TCPI) said yesterday that Thais faced an even bigger risk because they slept with their cellphone placed near the headboard.

TCPI director Prawit Leesathapornwongsa said the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer study that cellphones had a “2B” classification, or that they could cause cancer. He said the study also found that people using their mobile phones for more than 1,640 hours faced a greater risk of developing glioma brain cancer.

Those using a bluetooth hands-free device were 100 times less exposed to electromagnetic waves, while those using headphones faced 10 per cent less risk, he said. He also warned that these devices should not stuck in the ear while not being used. In addition, 3G phones are said to release 100 times less radioactive energy than the GSM phones, he added.

Prawit said a poll conducted in February found that Thai users were more exposed to radiation from cellphones because 64.5 per cent placed them at the top of their bed while sleeping, and 41.6 per cent carried their phone in their pocket. He urged people to keep their mobile phones away from them when they are not in use.

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