No Pregnant Woman Should Ever Be Using A Cell Phone


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Experiments conducted found that the exposed animals were much more likely to have albumin leaking from blood vessels in inappropriate locations, shown as dark dots in the exposed brain above on the right. Control animals, in contrast, showed either no albumin leakage or occasional isolated spots, as seen in the figure on the left.

A closer look at the cells within the brain also revealed that exposed animals had scattered and grouped dark neurons often shrunken with loss of internal cell structures. Neuronal damage of this kind may not have immediate consequences but in the long run, it may result in reduced brain reserve capacity that might be unveiled by other later neuronal diseases.
These experiments have been repeated and the same results were obtained, consistently for 18 years, confirming microwave radiation, at doses equal to a cell phone’s emissions, causes albumin to be found in brain tissue. It must be noted that the blood-brain barrier is the same in a rat and a human being.

In another research, a single two-hour exposure to a cell phone, just once during its lifetime, permanently damaged the blood-brain barrier and, on autopsy 50 days later, was found to have damaged or destroyed up to 2 percent of an animal’s brain cells, including cells in areas of the brain concerned with learning, memory and movement (Salford et al, 2003). It is known that this barrier is damaged in Parkinsons disease and in Alzheimers dementia. So there is a risk that disruption of this protection barrier may damage the brain.

In fact similar mechanisms protect the eye (the blood-vitreous barrier) and the fetus (the placental barrier), and the work of Allen Frey and others indicates that microwave radiation damages these barriers also (Allan et al 1988). The implication: No pregnant woman should ever be using a cell phone and if at all they have to use in emergency, it should be for minimal duration.

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