A DISTURBING new report claims that mobile phones could cause serious long-term damage to the heart and kidneys.

Scientists found that exposing red blood cells to low-level radiation caused them leak a substance called haemoglobin.

The iron-based part of a red blood cell is vital because it carries oxygen around the body.

But if the haemoglobin leaks from the cells then it accumulates in the kidneys and heart, which could seriously damage your health.

Professor Edward Tuddenham, a haematologist at the Imperial College Medical School, in Hammersmith Hospital, West London, said: “Generally at a low level the body deals with these things, but if it was exposed over a long period it could lead to complications.

“The accumulation of haemoglobin in the body could result in heart disease or kidney stones.”

He added: “I believe this study should be followed up.

“It certainly warrants further work.”

And Dr Martin Howard, consultant haematologist at York District Hospital, North Yorks, added: “The findings of this study are interesting. More research in this field is definitely necessary.”

The study was carried out by Dr George Sajin at the European Research Institute for Electronic Components based in Bucharest.

Samples of blood were exposed to varying degrees of microwave radiation over a period of between 10 and 60 hours.

Even at levels lower than those emitted by mobile phones, the cells leaked haemoglobin.

The new evidence is likely to fuel fears over the increasingly widespread use of mobile phones throughout the world.

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