New Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation Part 2

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New Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation Part 3

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This summer I purchased the Sprint EVO, which is one of the top Android phones, and I can tell you that it is clearly my favorite gadget. In my opinion, it is far better than any navigation device on ANY car and has loads of other useful tools. More than two-thirds of the time I don’t use the phone for calls but when I do it is nearly always in speaker mode and I rarely ever hold the device or put it to my head.

We have had an exponential growth rate of cell phones and their numbers will continue to grow as the smart phone market expands.

As the New York Times reported, there are 292 million wireless numbers in use in the United States, which is close to one for every man, woman and child. And as of June about 25 percent of U.S. households had given up their landlines in favor of going wireless-only.

For many, NOT having a cell phone is viewed as virtually impossible. Today’s cell phones are much more than phones. They can also be your camera, video recorder, hand-held computer, and your lifeline to staying in touch with your work and family.

Indeed, cell phones are extremely convenient and useful, and from a technology standpoint have changed the way humans interact and do business … they’re an incredible invention, really … except for one nagging problem.
They’re likely going to trigger a brain cancer epidemic the likes of which the world has never seen.

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