Neurological Function Can Be Seriously Impaired By Radiofrequency Radiation


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Neurological function can be seriously impaired by radiofrequency radiation. Cholinesterase enzyme activity is impaired by exposure to radiofrequency radiation in a manner similar to impairment caused by organophosphate pesticides often rendering a person with radiofrequency sickness particularly sensitive to small amounts of chemicals.20 Radiofrequency radiation can lower the pain threshold, slow reaction times, cause fatigue, muscle weakness, headaches, difficulty concentrating, short-term memory problems and even memory loss. 1,2,3,4 These may be caused by disruption of Ca2+, disruption of various enzyme pathways, induction of the stress response and associated effects, increased permiability of the blood-brain barrier, or various other effects of over exposure to radiofrequency radiation.4,5,20

Radiofrequency radiation significantly decreases melatonin levels and decreases the ability of existing melatonin to fight cancer.5 Good sleep is essential for good mental and physical health. Good sleep is very difficult, if not impossible to obtain if your melatonin levels are abnormally low. Sleep deprivation along with impaired neurological function and enzyme impaiment are likely to be behind the brain fog and cognitive difficulties those with radiofrequency sickness experience.

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