Mobile Towers Making The City Skyline Aesthetically Unpleasant

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With mobile penetration of more than 100%, many mobile towers are mushrooming in the cities. To provide seamless coverage to the mobile users, telecom companies are installing the towers every 300 meters in the city and sometimes less than that. This is all done to keep up the growing demand of voice and data traffic in the cities.

Apart from the health issues which these mobile towers pose on human being, these mobile towers are making the city skyline aesthetically unpleasant. These mobile towers are just an eye sore when somebody looks at the skyline. No regulation on installations of these mobile towers in the cities has degraded the skyline of almost every city. Moreover there are no proper design specification for the towers and no designated approval body to approve the tower designs. Safety of such towers is also questioned by different agencies in the recent past including Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) of residential colonies.

In European countries, innovative methods like camouflaging, landscaping and stealth structures are used to lessen the unpleasant visual impacts of mobile towers and antennas installed on them. And they also use low power radiating systems where the antennas can also be mounted on the street furniture like behind sign boards and light poles so that visual asthetics of the the city are maintained and do not create eye sores like seen above in India.

Midland, Texas
Shepparton, Victoria
Barbados, Bridgetown
Guinea, Conakry,
Armenia, Yerevan
Chula Vista, California
Egypt, Cairo: city limits
Perth Albany, Victoria,
City of Greater Taree, Australia
Al Hamraniyah, United Arab Emirates, Al Hamraniyah, UAE

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