Mobile Phones Radiation And Other Household Appliance Dangers Part 2

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Over time, sufferers who often have other allergies find they become increasingly affected by electrical equipment such as televisions, fridges and cookers. Symptons include headaches, tingling of the joints and ringing in the ears.

Many people also experience extreme tiredness, memory and concentration problems and depression. Sufferers claim they are being effected by the electro-magnetic fields emitted by electrical devices.

The campaign group Powerwatch believes up to 5% of the population is severely affected by electrosensitivity. And up to a third of people could be suffering some ill effects of our hi-tech society. f electro sensitivity is diagnosed at an early stage, sufferers can make changes to their lifestyle which could stop them developing reactions to other electrical goods. For example if they realised their mobile phone was the root of the problem, they could stop using it.

Radiation from mobile phone masts can be screened out by lining walls with a layer of aluminium foil and hanging special silver-plated curtains over windows, while a thinner form of the same material can be slung over beds.
In Sweden, where electro sensitivity is recognised, sufferers receive grants to replace electric cookers with gas stoves. In the workplaces, electrical flexes are replaced with highly-insulated cables to reduce the emission of radiation.

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