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Radiation from mobile phones, computers and microware ovens could be damaging your health.

House hold item such as these could be causing headaches, joint pains, depression and fatigue in some users who have developed a sensitivity to electricity. ens of thousands of people in the UK are thought to suffer from condition, called electro sensitivity, yet it is not formally recognized by medical profession.

Some sufferers even become affected by the radiation in electromagnetic fields surrounding everyday items such as hairdryers and televisions.

However, their complaints are often dismissed by GPs as being purely psychological. Patients also claim mobile phone masts have made them ill. od Read, of the charity Electrosensitivity UK, said: “It’s very difficult for people to get a diagnosis because it’s not officially recognized as an illness.” Doctors have no training in it whatsoever. Some are more sympathetic than others but most try to look for interpretations such as work stress. They treat individual symptoms rather than the underlying cause.”

More women than men suffer from electro sensitivity, which is often triggered by intensive mobile phone or computer use.

Gold Coast, Queensland
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