Mobile Phones Are They A Necessity? Beware Of Their Likely Harmful Effects On Human Body/Brain

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by Nikhil on January 30, 2012

Today, almost every individual uses a mobile phone without being aware of it’s harmful side effects. Like trendy clothes, all want to use trendy mobiles to look fashionable.

Flashing costly mobiles is the order of the day. Many carry two mobiles to flaunt at public places.

Just Think for yourself. Do You really need to use a mobile all the time? Can you not do your work by communicating on a land line number? Must you converse in trains, buses , malls and other public places? Will your work really suffer, if you wait to get to a land line number?

Well, if you sincerely analyze the real necessity of a mobile phone in your work/business, you will probably feel that you are unnecessarily using the mobile most of the times, under the garb of business.

Have you ever pondered over the harmful/ adverse effects of mobile usage on your body/brain.

Mobile phones and their link with cancer has been an ongoing debate for decades. Reports received after various studies are inconclusive. Some reports point towards brain tumor while some fail to substantiate the same.

With proper planning and usage, one can safeguard oneself from the adverse effects of mobiles on our body/brain.

Harmful Effects Of Mobiles

Mobile phones and personal communications systems are low-power radio devices that transmit and receive signals in the radio frequency (RF) range 900 and/or 1800 megahertz through a network of base stations. Most countries have brought in regulations to limit public exposure to RF radiation.

Exposure to RF radiation can occur from the base station, and mobile phones.The intensity of radiation decreases a few meters from the antenna. Most of the base stations are located in populated areas therefore, those people living in the path of the beam are more prone to exposure to radiations.

Every mobile has a transmitter and an antenna. RF energy generated by transmitter (one to two watts) is radiated through Antenna. Most of the energy is absorbed by brain since, mobile is held close to the head. Due to absorption of RF energy (expressed as specific absorption rate- SAR) by human body, the tissue temperature of body increases. SAR is measured in units of watts per kg (W/Kg ) of tissue.

However ,If the heat generated is small, the body’s thermoregulatory mechanism can dissipate it without causing adverse effects. If the temperature exceeds this capacity, (about 1 to 2 degree celsius), tissue damage may occur.

Based on the experiments carried out on some animals and human beings (volunteers), some of the adverse affects called as “Thermal Effects” are listed below:-
Penetration of the blood-brain barrier.
Disturbed neuro muscular functions.
Lens opacity.
Reduced sperm production.
Other possible effects are as follows:-
Spending a lot of time on cell phone disturbs sleep.
Studies show that use of cell phones for more than 10 years increase the risk of Glioma
Radio waves from mobile phones do harm body cells and damage DNA.
High blood pressure.
Headaches, Fatigue, Stress
Because of their smaller heads, thinner skulls and higher tissue conductivity, children may absorb more energy from a given phone than adults.

The ICNIRP ( International Commission for Non-ionizing Radiation Protection) has recommended RF exposure levels for general public, in terms of power densities, as 4.5 W/m2 and 9.0 W/m2 respectively for the 900 and 1800 MHZ frequency radiations. Exposures below these levels are harmless.

Surveys have shown that RF exposure from base stations in areas accessible to public are normally much lower than these guidelines. However, the actual levels depend upon the number of channels, total power radiated, multiplicity of the towers in the neighborhood etc.

No surveys have been conducted in India.

The onus for demonstrating safety of base stations now lies with service providers.

The Indian government recently decided to adopt the guidelines issued by ICNIRP, an international science body,


It is in the interest of every individual to use mobiles sparingly to avoid any possible chance of harmful effects of RF radiations on human body.

Next time you use a mobile, please think twice-Can you do without a mobile?

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