Mobile Phones And Brain Tumors Part 2

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Muscat also showed in another study that people using cell phones used six or more years of a 50 percent increase in the risk of developing acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor of the nerve, the hearing controls and extended have from the ear to the brain. Acoustic neuroma can cause hearing loss and can be life threatening if untreated.

This was in a separate study in Stockholm, Sweden, Anders Ahlbom confirmed in 2004 and sponsored by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the firm, have the people, the phones worked this time for at least 10 years, an increased risk of acoustic neuroma have

-. In a study by the WHO researcher Dr. Lennart Hardell of Orebro Medical Center requested line in Sweden, examined 1617 patients between 20 and 80 years who was diagnosed with a brain tumor was 1997-2000. They were then compared to healthy individuals. Those who used cell phones for less than 10 years faced a 20% higher risk of developing brain tumors. But for those who for more than a decade, the risk was 80% higher. The study also found that tumors were 2.5 times more likely to be on the same side of the head as the phone instead. The cancer of the auditory nerve, acoustic neuroma, showed a larger increase -. 3.5 times higher risk

Mobile Phone Radiation DOSAGE AND RESPONSE All studies mentioned
showed that an increase of mobile phone radiation also increases the likelihood of the adverse effect occurs.
In Repacholi study in mice, the risk of lymphoma increased significantly the longer the mice were exposed to radio waves.
epidemoiological In the research work of Tice, Hook, and Roti Roti, the risks of genetic damage caused by the formation of micronuclei increased as the amount of radiation measured increases

In the three studies. – Two out of Muscat and one by Hardell -. the risk of tumors was in the areas of the brain near where the phone was held
In Salford study, the higher the exposure level the rats were exposed, the more damage seen in the blood vessels in the brain and the nerve cells

THE BIG PICTURE The test tube studies by Tice CANCER and Hook />
According to Dr. Carlo, “The big picture is frighteningly clear. There is a clear risk that the radiation plume that emanates from a cell phone antenna to cancer and other health problems. There is a risk that hundreds of millions of people are concerned about lead around the world. There is a risk that must be seen and understood by all users who are mobile phones so that they can take all appropriate and available steps to protect themselves -. and especially for young children whose skulls are still growing and the most vulnerable to protect against the risks of radiation ”
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– In 2000 a team of researchers Sydney a scientific hypothesis about how cell phone radiation causes cancer published. The report claims that the radiation generated by mobile phones causes chronic stress to the body cells, making them make “heat shock proteins (HSP). The human cells sometimes release these proteins in response to injury or infection. This chronic activation of the heat shock response affects the normal regulation of cells that can cause cancer

-. 2002 cell biologist Fiorenzo Marinelli and his team at the National Research Council in Bologna, Italy, leukemia cells similar to continuous radio waves from mobile phones. The exposed cells showed a higher rate of death than the controls at first, but after further exposure, something strange happened: instead of more cells die, the cells were exposed to angry replication compared to controls. Genes trigger the cells to multiply were turned on in a high percentage of the cells. The cancer, although was beaten shortly become more aggressive. Marinelli suspects that the radiation damage the DNA can first, and that this with the biochemical signals in a way that interferes with release of the cells eventually grow faster.

Why Phones for?
Now with all signs the mobile phone industry still maintains their position that cell phones are safe and have even begun marketing towards children. Governments were slow to warn people in boarding for no risk from using mobile phones. Fortunately, health authorities and experts in several European countries the first steps that issued public warnings to parents urging caution about kids and cell phones,

If the previous environmental issues will take with tobacco, asbestos and lead evidence, it will take years and decades to accumulate the amount of evidence that would make a final decision. In the case of smoking, it took two decades of study and the 100-year consumer use to meet enough data to research, gather to show the need for the U.S. Surgeon General’s warning on cigarette packs. Some experts say that come in the case of mobile phones, it will not take as long as data at a faster pace. But in the present the authorities can only urge people to exercise caution.

Replication of research is another problem. A study that comes with a new knowledge in general do not win immediate acceptance in the scientific community or the wireless industry unless another research laboratory was able to replicate the work and results. The industry has perpetuated their position in charge sent through the creation of an illusion follow-up by always calling for more research.

When Dr. Salford’s study, published in 2003 shows that rat brain neurons were dying from exposure to radiation, cell phone, he warned there could be similar effects in humans, which could over time lead to degenerative diseases of the brain. His study was related to the industry as “novel” that needs to be replicated written.

But achieving the scientific standard of replication can be complicated. Salford says if studies are not necessarily replicated and offers an apples to apples comparison, there is room to dispute follow-up results. Scientific research will require funding and the wireless industry, after Dr. Carlo revelations have been reluctant to put money into more comprehensive research. As with the government, again, many European governments are among the responsible course by funding research, but the U.S. and Canada are badly behind.

In 1999, CNN’s Larry King once again featured a man who filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against cell phone manufacturers. This time man, a Maryland neurologist, was himself diagnosed with brain cancer – again on the side of the head, where he is on his cell phone. The suit was dismissed again, however, and the man died not long after.

According to WHO report, 0.1 billion people from smoking in the 20 Century have died, and 10 times as many die in the 21st Century. No one is suggesting that mobile phones could be so many victims, but do we really wait, and where?

Unlike tobacco, the mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives as television and computers. It has allowed us to communicate a gigantic leap in the way we were with each other and often do with saving the lives of the people credited in emergency situations. Cell phones are here to stay, and perhaps rightly so.

The question is not how to stop people from using this ubiquitous device, but how to secure it. The first step is always to admit there is a problem, hence the industry and the government have to the health risks to confirm with current technology. So we can can all find the right solutions, the more we enjoy the benefits of their use, can not our health and well-being.

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