Mobile Phone Radiation Triggers Behavioral Disorders in Children

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July 28, 2011 by antonius tri haryadi

The controversy surrounding the negative effects of mobile phone radiation does not seem to be ending. After not been proven to increase the risk of cancer, is now alleged that radiation triggers behavioral disorders in children.

Greatest risk is experienced by the children who are accustomed to using mobile phones since a young age. Even in the womb, the fetus is affected by this if the mother is too often use cell phones during the pregnancy.

This was revealed by researchers from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The Research has involved 28 000 children aged 7 years and 100,000 pregnant women between the years 1996-2002.

In pregnancy, the mothers filled out a questionnaire about lifestyle, including frequency of mobile phone usage. Similar questionnaire was administered again after giving birth and when her son entered the age of 7 years, while the researchers looked at medical records relating to the child’s emotions and behavior.
The results show that the children who use mobile phones since a toddler is 50 percent more at risk of conduct disorder on entering the age of 7 years. Abnormal behavior was quite variable, one of which concentration problems and hyperactivity (GPPH).

In children who have not been accustomed to use of the mobile phone, the risk remains high if the mother’s during his pregnancy frequent use a mobile phones. Not much different from the first group, cell phone usage during the pregnancy increases the risk of behavioral disorders by 40 percent when a child is 7 years old.

Increased risk of behavioral disorders is quite high when compared with the average mobile phone usage among children respondents in the study. In their report, investigators said none of the child respondents who use mobile phones more than 1 hour / week.

The results of this research re-warm the controversy about the dangers of cell phone radiation. In May 2010, the World Health Organisation had confirmed that the increased risk of brain cancer due to mobile phone radiation is not too significant.

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