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Mobile Phone Radiation Shield, SAR and The Iphone 3G Part 1

Apple’s iPhone 3GS now has a SAR of 0.79 W/kg when held close to the ear compared to the 0.974 W/kg SAR of the original iPhone, and 1.39 W/kg SAR for the iPhone 3G – not particularly a good number for the 3G since the maximum allowed is 1.6. Apple, no doubt, has made remarkable improvement in bringing down the iPhone 3GS radiation emissions, making it far more safer for its consumers but it is still not good enough to be among the top 10 cell phone’s ranked by radiation. Another question which could arise here is that why is the SAR level of the iPhone 3G is significantly higher than that of the 3GS?

The simple answer would be that Apple has tightened up tolerance limits and the new design-level architecture improvements allows less radiation leakage. There seems to be a considerable difference in the hardware of the 3GS from the 3G. A redesigned improvised antenna, upgraded internal components and better shielding of these internal components must have together contributed to reduce the SAR of iPhone 3GS. No matter how best and how safe your cell phone is, it is still prudent to keep oneself healthy by texting more and talking less. That’s one of the tips given from Environmental Working Group for cell phone consumers.

Taking advantage of high quality sound of iPhone’s loud speaker, is yet another way to reduce on radiation absorption. It’s better to be more on speaker phone, so as to keep phone it at arm’s length from your skull. In today’s world, from natural as well as man-made energy sources, we are constantly living in flood of radiations. Cutting down on your own cell phone usage, may be the only option with us to reduce radiations absorb dose to our heads at least. For those who care, be rest assured that it’s safe enough to buy and use iPhone 3GS.

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