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Actually it’s enough info to make you stand up and take notice. Some other fascinating facts to come out of tests on this subject were : EMR ( Electro Magnetic Radiation ) could cause issues with the following : The Reproductive System Your Eyes Memory and Reaction Times Sleeping Patterns Headaches, Woozy spells and Revulsion Now do not panic just yet because there are some ways to scale back your exposure to EMR or what’s commonly called “Mobile Telephone Radiation these are some TIPS that I’d advocate – for defense against mobile telephone radiation.

First and most important – attempt to cut the amount of calls you make and receive on a mobile telephone and wherever possible use your house phone. ( Now here is a Fast tip on this point too : – try avoiding the cordless telephone because they aren’t miles better ) have a look at the LENGTH of your calls as the longer the call the bigger the probability of more exposure to radiation.

I’m of the opinion that if you have ever had an extremely long call you’ll recognize the signs like excessive heat round the ear area.

This may be evaded as frequently as possible Remember that if you are employing a transportable hands-free ( with a speaker & cord that runs up into your ear ) you aren’t always safe. A debatable test in the United Kingdom had shown that radiation can essentially travel up the wire and into your ear which can be even more dangerous increasing the damage being done. Try and avoid keeping the telephone ON or NEAR your body because there have even been links to sterility in men ( Terrifying isn’t it ) make certain you get your point across and get off the phone! To paraphrase, use your mobile telephone for what you want to point out and then end the call as quickly as you can.

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