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First it’s urgent to identify this short report isn’t one of my many tips or techniques related to saving a comprehensive fortune on your Mobile Telephone costs.

It’s about something even more heavy and that’s – your fitness and quality of life! Now it is important for me to say at this time that it’s not that I am a scientist or a doctor, however being someone closely concerned in the mobile telephone industry for years I would have liked to give you a powerful comprehension of the worries about Mobile Telephone Radiation and the protection you want from EMR ( Electro Magnetic Radiation ). You can then draw your own conclusions on this subject and make your own choices. Later in this report, I’m going to give you some tips and pointers to make certain you are even less in jeopardy by trying some easy mobile phone radiation protection techniques! Ok, so let’s get directly into it shall we? In 2001 a leading Australian Scientist began researching a link between Mobile Telephones and Cancer.

These were some of his findings : Telephone firms are insisting that mobile telephones only omit low levels of radiation, but tests have shown that even exposure to low levels of radiation CAN be dangerous Long amounts of time exposed to EMR may cause changes to cell structure and could eventually lead to brain growths In June of 2004 an outstanding brain surgeon also carried out some research between Mobile Telephones and Brain Growths . Some of his findings were : A 40 percent increase over the last twenty years ( since the start of Mobile Technology ) in Brain Swellings Brain Swellings are now the No:1 threat for kids overtaking LEUKAEMIA the majority of his Tumour patients had developed these Growths just above the ear on the same side that they use their mobile telephone Weird Coincidence or FACT?

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