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A recent Swiss study shows that the general public’s RF exposure comes more from masts than from mobile phones, with DECT phones running a close third.

Frei et al (May 2009) produced a study looking at RF exposure experienced by the general population. About one third (32.0%) came from mobile phone masts, mobile phones were responsible for 29.1%, and DECT phones 22.7%.

This means that studies (such as the 13-country Interphone study investigating RF exposure and potential health effects resulting from such exposure) as a result of using mobile phones alone, without allowing for masts and cordless phone usage is flawed, and does not reflect reality. Masts and DECT phones account for more than 70% of people’s of people’s exposure to RF.

Alarm bells sounded by the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy to alert legislators and journalists about the hazards of DECT phones and WiFi.

Prof. Magda Havas, a prominent researcher and voice advising caution in the use of wireless technologies, reviews the independent science on the health hazards of wireless radiation.

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