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Mobile phone masts have attracted enormous controversy because of concern about the health risks of living in proximity to one, but is there really any truth to the scare stories?

Public Heath Problems

Despite ongoing concerns about the potential long-term health risks of mobile phones, most people are still happy to press a mobile up to their ears, but try suggesting putting up a mobile mast somewhere near their home and you will likely be met with a look of abject horror. Why is it people are convinced that mobile base stations are dangerous but mobiles aren’t?

Mobile phone base stations and their radioactive emissions have been accused of causing leukaemia, brain tumours and a syndrome known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EH). Those people that live in close proximity to one of the UK’s over 50,000 mobile phone masts have attributed all manner of health problems to the local antenna including heart palpitations, headaches, nose bleeds, itchy burning skins and severe depression. .

Are Mobile Phone Masts Harmless?

However, despite such complaints, the reality is that, just as with mobile phones themselves, there is just no conclusive evidence to prove that mobile masts are in any way dangerous. The majority of evidence now available suggests there are no adverse health effects from exposure to radio frequency (RF) waves. When the first Government-funded research into potential dangers of mobile masts was carried in 2008, the results found them to be harmless.

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