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August 25, 2011 | by Andrena Markley

Change’ is a phenomenon which pulls both good and bad effects on a substance. But while we think of ‘change’ in the mobile phone industry it conspicuously connotes something else. In the mobile world, ‘change’ is a different entity – it’s more of progress and upgradation. And frankly, who doesn’t love it? If you could carry all the essential functionalities in a tiny gadget like the mobile phone it’s obviously a better choice as you could also accomplish your communication needs too, on the move.

Today, in the era of Internet, our handled device; the mobile phone, helps us to take a step ahead to reach millions via its inbuilt possibility of connecting to the net: and get entangled with it too. It is more like on the move connectivity on offer from our mobile phones.

Mobile phones offer one the best of features and functionalities than any other gadget. However, mobile phones have been a subject of allegation for a long time as many believe that mobile phones emit radio waves while you use them. It’s not totally false though! That’s why it’s always advisable not to allow your kids to make frequent use of mobile phones. All the mobile phone makers have now developed various models with a limited SAR(Specific Absorption Ratio) limit – so health risk is never going to be an issue again.

Those who are very much concerned about their health for them mobile phones turn into a reliable friend. Several latest mobile phones come equipped with features like calorie counter, heart rate counter, step calculator etc. If there are mobile phones that help parents to keep a track of their wards movements; there are mobiles that come with GPS navigability and help in locating any geographical location of choice. The list of offers from mobile phones inundates with possibilities where every category speaks of thousand probable usage of a mobile phone.

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