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July 13, 2011
It has become quite common to see people talking on their cell phones just about everywhere you go. And from all walks of life for mobile phone radiation hazard twittering. Recently cancer research experts concluded that surprising conclusion: Due to the use of mobile phone deaths will more than smoking victims. This is by far the most about mobile phone is harmful to health serious warning.

There are also scientists say, the release of the mobile phone radiation in just five minutes can enough to affect brain cells and the division of the situation. It may trigger cancer. Mobile phone radiation cannot be ignored; cell phone radiation to the human body will bring which harm!

Radiation and your mobile
Radiation is energy travelling through space in the form of waves or particles. It occurs naturally and has always been around. Direct brain warming after prolonged use, which disperses as soon as you stop using your phone and causes no harm; a recent study in Sweden suggested that acoustic neuronal are twice as common in mobile phone users than in those who do not use mobiles.

Increased cancer risk
As consumer concerns mount that prolonged mobile phone use could lead to problems ranging from headaches to tumors, a recent study showing an alarming rate of brain cancer in some cell phone users is helping swing scientific opinion in Britain.

Mobile phone radiation ‘may harm brain’
Mobile affiliate study by a French team is already believed to have lent further weight to the evidence, by showing that mobile phone radiation can promote leakage of the blood-brain barrier in rats. As a result, molecules that cause damage to neurons may be allowed to invade brain tissue.

Mobile may harm hearing
People using mobile phones for more than four years and longer than 30 minutes a day are at risk of developing hearing loss particularly at higher speech frequencies. . All we are saying that people should limit or curtail their usage and take measures like using ear phones.

Mobile Carrier Delays Harm Internet Security
Mobile security problems plague the entire software stack — the baseband, the kernel, the application frameworks, and the applications — and carriers continue to resist shipping regular and frequent updates.

Mobile affiliate network shows that why you have not heard much about the hazard of cell phone use. Just like the tobacco companies who stonewalled against the idea that cigarette smoking is harmful to health, the cellular companies are keeping cell phone dangers from being known.

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