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When the Russians bombarded the Ambassadors office in the American Embassy in Moscow (1950s t0 70s I think) with 4 milliwatts of radar (another aspect of microwaves) emissions (6 milliwatts less than the USA permitted levels of 10 milliwatts!); Many of the staff had 40% raised white blood cell count; some children had blood anomalies and were sent back to USA and two ambassadors suffered a leukemia-like disease – one was Walter J. Stoessel – I believe one of his office staff also died of this like his superior.

The Dept. of Defense published information about this called The Pandora Project. There’s a very good book by Paul Brodeur, called The Zapping of America, (a history of the development of telecommunications) showing the way honest experts were always ignored when others said there was no proof. Nothing has changed, has it? Milton Zaret was ignored, Allan Frey proved that cat’s irradiated with emisssions had effects on the hypothalamus in the brain – said to be the area dealing with emotions. He too was ignored – etc etc. etc.

That is why there is thought to be a link between suicides and emotional disturbance in teenagers and young people who are addicted to their mobile phones. There is thought (e.g. Barrie Trower, expert on microwaves) that the suicides in Wales could have been caused by emissions.




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