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Microwaving baby formulas converts certain amino acids into compounds known to be poisonous to nervous systems and kidneys. “It’s bad enough that many babies are not nursed, but now they are given fake milk made even more toxic via microwaving,” Dr. Lee laments. [Lancet Dec 9/89]

It’s not just formula. When pediatrician John Kerner Jr. witnessed neonatal nurses routinely heating breast milk in a microwave oven, he became concerned. Utilizing a Stanford University lab. in 1989 Dr. Kerner and his co-workers were astonished to find that breast milk microwaved at low settings not only lost its nutrients and digestive enzymes – it also fostered the growth of potentially poisonous bacteria, even as it lost the antibodies used to fend off those microbes!

[Science News Apr 25/92; Pediatrics Apr/92]
At the same time, an RN trained in Level Three Neonatal ICU reported attending lectures and viewing “signed documents” pertaining to a “massive cover up” regarding early “use of microwaves in warming human blood, human breast milk and the deaths resulting from such ignorance.”

She went on to relate how the “Stanford University NICU specialists forewarned our own (Neonatal) NICU specialists, in a very hush-hush manner, not to use microwave oven heated anything in relation to feeding an infant… We were informed in a hushed manner that several infants that had received microwave heated milk had died.”

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