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Investigative journalists who begin to understand the scale of what is happening may be moved to a different assignment if they become too passionate about uncovering the truth especially if the wireless industry is paying for advertising.
Workers who become concerned about their exposure in the work place find their union bosses are more interested in their own careers and keeping well in with management. These union bosses won’t rock the boat. If monitoring of the workplace is permitted, a “specially selected” industry expert is hired to support the company line. So who is left? Who will speak out and do the right thing? Where are the heroes and heroines to tame the microwave dragon threatening the global village?

Whether you use wireless technology or not; whether you protest or not; whether you care or not . . . you are being exposed to radio frequency radiation and your exposure levels are increasing. You can move to the country and live with like-minded souls but antennas and smart meters are likely to follow you. Whether you become ill or not will depend on many things but once you become ill your quality of life will deteriorate and, if you live with others, their quality of life will be adversely affected as well.

Leaving the sanctuary of your home, if indeed you can make your home into a sanctuary, will be painful. Shopping, dining at restaurants, vacationing with family and friends will become a distant memory. No matter how much you enjoyed using your smart phone and your ipad, no matter how much you enjoyed surfing on the web, and no matter how much you enjoyed communicating with friends on facebook or skype these will no longer be possible . . . the pain, the confusion, the fatigue, the skin rashes, the dizziness and nausea, the ringing in the ears will become unbearable. You will find yourself in self-imposed exile with an ever-diminishing connection to the world.
Is the above a fairy tale? Not at all!

I know of politicians who are asking that warnings be placed on cell phones and that a moratorium be placed on deployment of smart meters until we learn more about the safety of this technology. They do this despite strong political pressure and industry lobbying.

I know of scientists who have lost their funding and their jobs. Many of them continue to do excellent work despite the threats and penalties.

I know of teachers who have been told not to publically oppose school policy about WiFi. Many continue their fight to remove WiFi from schools and some continue to speak out in public ignoring the threats.

I know of principals who have removed WiFi or won’t allow it in their school because their top priority is the health and safety of their students and staff.

I know of parents whose concerns for their child’s safety have been ignored. So they are now organizing other like-minded parents to make certain that their concerns are heard.

I know of many, many people who are sick because of their exposure to electrosmog, who feel better when they are not exposed and are trying to design safer sanctuaries for themselves at home and at work. Many of those who are beginning to recover are devoting time and using their experience to helping others.

I know of doctors who are successfully treating their electrically sensitive patients. Instead of prescribing pharmaceuticals, they advise their patients on how to reduce their exposure and build up the immune system and detoxify their bodies. Some keep a low profile because neither the medical association nor big Pharma support non-pharmaceutical interventions that interfere with profit. A few of these doctors are beginning to speak out publicly.

I know of a few exceptional lawyers who are now specializing in this field and are dedicated to helping the under privileged.

I know of a growing number of journalists who are doing excellent reporting on issues dealing with compact fluorescent light bulbs, WiFi, mobile phones, smart meters, ground current, antennas and power lines.
I know of union representatives who, despite a tough management, are responding to concerns about electrosmog exposure in the workplace.

I know of firefighters, brave men and women who rush into burning buildings to save strangers, who voted to prevent antennas on fire halls until they are shown to be safe.The tide is turning but it will take time before we have changes in policy and manufacturing guidelines . . . in the meantime individuals can make changes in their own environment. They can reduce their exposure before they become ill and they can learn and share information with others.

The microwave dragon will be tamed and the village will become safe once more or, at least, safer than it is right now. How quickly that will happen depends on the heroes and heroines, on those who place health and the quality of life above profit and greed. If we are lucky, captains of industry, government scientists and policy makers, as well as the engineers who design these devices will recognize that optimizing profit and health (of the workforce, of the public and of the environment) makes more sense than maximize profit alone. When that day comes we will have earned the name Homo sapiens sapiens.

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