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Additionally, it is worth noting that it is at nighttime that the body carries out most of its ‘healing work’ as it constantly works to restore homeostasis. As these phone Masts are fixed structures, it is, therefore, impossible for an individual to avoid these man-made chaotic energies from interfering with their energy fields and the body’s natural ability to restore homeostasis. Therefore, people are being denied their unquestionable right to have and to hold onto good health.

Thus, we can see clearly that the ability of the body and its biophysical and biological systems to communicate correctly, and in harmony, can be seriously compromised in a number of ways by this type of radiation, leading to ill health along with many symptoms of feeling unwell.

On an equally serious note, what I find particularly disturbing is that according to a number of scientists the low frequencies that characterise certain aspects of GSM/TETRA pulse-modulation are close to those frequencies that are known to influence human mood and behaviour in a number of ways. This can range from depression, docility, even to rage, depending on the kind of modulation used. It is even possible to induce sounds and even words intercranially by appropriate modulation of these microwave signals. Maybe Microwave Mind Control (MMC) is more than just a conspiracy theory. After all, it has been alleged by many that this MMC forms part of the military’s (secret?) Psychotronic Warfare.

Dr Rauscher-Bise (USA) is an enthusiast: “Give me the money and three months”, she boasts, “and I’ll be able to affect the behaviour of 80 per cent of the people of this town without their knowing it. Make them happy – or at least they’ll think they’re happy. Or aggressive.”!

So it becomes apparent that we should do whatever we can to protect ourselves from this type of insidious radiation, and as sinister as the Mind Control issue is, my own feelings, endorsed by many people, including some leading scientists, is that these microwave emissions from phone masts may be the biggest singular cause of human suffering (and possible premature death) in the years to come. And for why? MONEY and EGO. What a legacy to leave our children and grandchildren!

However, microwave radiation poisoning is not restricted to Phone Masts, it is also emitted by Digital Cordless Telephones (DECT) even when the phone is not in use! Plus certain wireless burglar alarms, wireless networked computers, wireless baby alarms and so forth.

Secondly, we need to know just how bad this radiation in our home or workplace really is. If we are not sensitive to this type of radiation and we are therefore not aware of its presence, then we may need a monitor to measure and detect these fields, where they are and whether they pose a threat to our health and the health of our children.

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