Microwave Radiation: How Far Does Cell Phone Radiation Travel From The Phone?

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First, let me state that I’m aware of the dubious veracity of the subject, and that’s it’s neither been proven nor repudiated that cell phones generate adequate radiation to cause any cell damage at all. That said, better safe than sorry, I think, which is my motivation for this question. How far a distance can the radiation travel from the cell phone?

If I were to enable the speaker on my cell phone and hold the phone approximately one to two feet from my head while speaking, would any radiation still reach me…enough to actually have any affect at all, that is? Or would this put me at even more harm, as I’d be holding it off in front of my face, and thereby possibly exposing my eyes?
When holding a cell phone to your ear, how long would you have to be engaged in a conversation for ample radiation to cause any heating in the cells? Would mere minutes suffice, or would it take at least an hour?

Simple. Let’s apply a little deduction, shall we?
We know a phone emits radiation. We know how much and how far.
We do not know how this radiation effects the human body.

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