Microwave Radiation, Cell Phone Radiation and Smart Meters, Hypersensitivity Symptoms Part 3



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The precautionary principle dictates that only utility meters that do not increase public exposure to microwave and radiowave radiation and “dirty” power should be used while conservative standards to protect the health of the general population during continuous exposure are researched and established. Safe technology is available that can be used to perform the same functions as transmitting “smart” meters. There are non-transmitting meters that can do variable rates and meter both incoming and outgoing power. Meters can easily be engineered that do not put high frequencies on electrical wiring either inadvertantly or deliberately, while still performing all necessary functions.

Directly wired connections could be used to shut off key loads. Alternate technologies may cost a bit more up front, but the precautionary principle should apply. In fact, the Health Department in New Mexico agrees. They recently pursuaded a local water utility to use wired connections between monitoring stations, instead of wireless, based on the precautionary principle. If you have questions, you can contact John McPhee, Childhood Injury Prevention Coordinator for the New Mexico Department of Health (505-827-2582).

The only “cure” for radiofrequency sickness is not to be exposed to radiofrequency radiation. People with radiofrequency sickness often become ill almost immediately upon exposure, although the severity of the illness depends on how often the exposure occurs, the frequency and amplitude of the radiation signal and the duration of the exposure. Studies show pulsed microwaves, as utilized by modern communication devices, including transmitting electrical meters, are very potent biologically.1,2,3,4

In fact, data presented at the recent conference “Electromagnetic Radiation Impacts

on Human Health” sponsored by The EMR Policy Institute showed that radiofrequencies, specifically pulsed modulated microwaves from a DECT cordless telephone base unit can have an instantaneous effect on heart rhythm in susceptible individuals. This technology is the same as that used by cellphones, WiFi internet access, and transmitting utility meters. See: http://www.youtube.com/user/EMRPolicyInstitute presentation of Prof. Magda Havas in three segments.
A number of studies show that electromagnetic radiation, including radiofrequency radiation, alters heart rate variability, blood pressure (including inducing hypertension with microwave exposure – smart meters transmit in the microwave range) and increases risk of arrhythmia related heart disease and heart attack.4,5

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