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Radiofrequency sickness results from overexposure to radiofrequency radiation. (ee Appendix 1 for symptoms.) Radiofrequency sickness is not a disease. It is an environmentally induced functional impairment. Radiofrequency sickness has real and disabling consequences. People with radiofrequency sickness experience illness (or even death) upon exposure to radiofrequency radiation.1,2,3,4 The most common sources are electrical pollution – high frequencies that travel on building wiring – and transmitters – all wireless devices.

Detrimental biological effects, distinct from tissue heating effects, have been extensively documented in studies at a range of different frequencies and at levels below the current United States safety standard.5

Our current safety regulations are not designed to protect people from the non-thermal hazards posed by transmitting meters or other devices. The FCC “safety” guidelines are solely designed to protect a 6 ft 185 lb man from tissue heating during a short (6 minute) exposure. They are not designed to protect even a 6 ft man from biological effects during a continuous exposure.6,7 Exposures from transmitting utility meters and other transmitters are continuous, so these “safety” standards are meaningless. Transmitting devices compliant with current safety standards should not be allowed to portray themselves as “safe”.

The fact that these transmitters are represented as being “safe” because they comply with FCC guidelines is part of the reason that people are being required to have transmitting utility meters. Additional studies are now available. The data warrant complying with the precautionary principle and establishing lower exposure standards for safe levels of exposure for chronic exposures to radio frequency radiation for the population as a whole.8 Exposure is often involuntary. For instance, exposure to radiofrequency radiation from neighbors often causes sensitive people in town to be chronically ill, unable to recover.

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