Memory Loss and Headaches caused by Wireless Internet in Schools Part 3

Memory Loss Headaches, Wireless Internet

Memory Loss & Headaches caused by Wireless Internet in Schools Part 2

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In recent years, as Wi-Fi technology has been introduced into classrooms – together with the explosion in popularity of cell phones – Philips said he has received reports of short-term memory loss, constant headaches and lethargy among students.

He conceded that these symptoms may in part be caused by poor diet and lack of exercise but said he also wondered whether wireless Internet in classrooms were not also to blame.

Unlike the case with radio and television, which involve continuous wave transmissions, Wi-Fi relies on pulsed transmissions to transmit data. As a result, Philips said, the system is exposing people to types of radiation they haven’t had to deal with before.

He could not say that Wi-Fi is actually dangerous but believes it may be a health time bomb set to explode years or even decades from now.

“I’m really worried,” Philips said. “I think it’s disastrous. I think it’s a lot bigger than passive smoking.”

The World Health Organization established an international EMF project in 1996 to study long-term health effects of the radiation.

“Electro-magnetic fields of all frequencies represent one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences, about which anxiety and speculation are spreading,” the agency says on its website. “All populations are now exposed to varying degrees of EMF, and the levels will continue to increase as technology advances.”

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