Memory Loss and Headaches caused by Wireless Internet in Schools Part 1

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London ( – As British schools race to provide wireless Internet access to every school classroom in Britain, teachers here are warning that the move could have a devastating effect on the health of the next generation’s brain power.

Philip Parkin, head of the British Professional Association of Teachers (PAT), voiced concern about the possible damage electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation associated with wireless Internet may cause to developing young minds.

Although he stopped short of calling for a ban on wireless Internet, Parkin urged the government to mount a full scientific investigation on the possible long-term consequences of exposure to the radiation.

Several months ago, Parkin reported having received reports from teachers complaining of migraine headaches and fatigue in schools where the new systems had been installed. He wants to know whether there is a connection.

“I am not saying there is a danger, but I have enough concern to ask for it to be investigated,” Parkin said in a statement earlier this week. “There are huge commercial pressures which may be why there has not yet been any significant action,” he added.

Wireless Internet (also known as Wi-Fi) enables computers in certain vicinities to connect to the Internet without having to rely on telephone line, broadband cable or similar wired systems.

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