Membrane Sensitivity Syndrome MSS and Cell Phone Radiation Part 2


Protection Against Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation Protection


Additional effects from MSS: a. Blood brain barrier (BBB) that functions normally to protect the sensitive brain from biochemical invasion, but instead, the Endothelial cells cannot communicate and remain apart ( door open) can ’t close to protect brain from external toxins , such as protein s b. Blood cells that use communication as sonar, cannot communicate and then clump together making the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide difficult c. Leaky Gut Syndrome – the gut lining that functions normally to protect the body from bacteria, pesticides, other stuff in the gut, but instead, the gut lining cells cannot communicate and remain a par t (do or op en) an d a ll o w “ leak s ” into th e bo d y d. Micronuclei . Damaged mRNA and DNA form a new organelle  Free radicals inside cells interfere with DNA repair .Damaged DNA can be surrounded by a cell membrane forming a micronuclei  Due to lack of nutrition – the cell either undergoes mitosis or apoptosis if apoptosis, then the micronuclei is released into the nutrient-rich interstitial which is the precursor to a tumor if mitosis, then the daughter cell thinks a closed-down cell membrane is normal. This is environmentally induced genetic change.

According to Dr. Carlo, there is no safe level for this radiation – no acceptable threshold. We are all being affected not only by personal cell phone usage, but also as by-standers subject to radiation from nearby cell phone users and cell phone antennas. In large metropolitan areas there is no break from this assault. The effect will be devastating as reflected in the ever-increasing level of electromagnetic allergies.

James Oschman, PhD, describes the process as the cell communication responding as semiconductors, more specifically, piezoelectric devices, that reach resonance with the external vibration (see Section E.2).

In summary, radio frequency radiation as encountered in everyday life is less often critical because of its level of power density, but rather because of its ELF modulation. However, in some rare circumstances, the power density is sufficiently high to cause heating of local body tissues, as can be the case while using a cellular phone held near the head.

The body temperature increases about 6 degrees within a few minutes. Between 1,000,000 and
100,00,000 W/m2 the following biological effects could be observed: increased enzyme activity, changes in the calcium ion transport system of the cells, inhibition of T-lymphocytes and changes in the flight behavior of the animals. At about 25,000,000 W/m2 human thermoregulation kicks in. From 500,000,000 W/m2 birth defects and other genetic disorders are to be expected; 2,000,000,000 W/m2 are deadly. Neurological disorders can be demonstrated from (1,000 W/m2) and changes in the EEG were observed with pulse-modulated HF radiation as low as 1,000,000,000 W/m2 . Changes in the growth of yeast cultures can be observed from 100 W/m2.

Wagga Wagga, Australia
Egypt, Cairo: city limits
Chesapeake, Virginia
Tuvalu, Funafuti
Round Rock, Texas
Santa Clarita, California
Glendale, California
Libya, Tripoli
Overland Park, Kansas
Thousand Oaks, California

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