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Are you aware about some research showing that leaky gut syndrome (fructose/lactose/gluten mal-absorption) can make people have CFS/ME more easily than others, but other poisons used in agriculture, domestic cleaning, mercury dental fillings, aspartame, etc. can also trigger/worsen the condition?
There is no doubt in my mind that the combination of EMR with heavy metal toxicity and/or chemical toxicity exponentially exasperates the effects one would experience if one were exposed only to one of these alone. While I believe that EMR is the main underlying factor in this disease state, it is also truly an interaction of several factors: EMR exposure, metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, pathogens, and genetic predisposition. Dr. Michael J. Goldberg has been able to find some interesting parallels between CFS/ME, ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and a number of other neurodegenerative diseases and groups them together in what he terms NIDS (Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome). Recently, Dr. George Carlo in a paper with Tamara J. Mariea was able to connect Autism with both EMR exposure and mercury toxicity. They took these kids with Autism and put them in EMR-free environments, put them on a special protocol, and measured their heavy-metal excretion. Outside of an EMR environment, their bodies started to excrete all kinds of heavy metals. Kids that couldn’t talk started talking. It is absolutely mind-boggling. The exposure to EMR was causing the mercury and other heavy metals to get trapped inside the cells. We can only guesstimate at this point that it is doing the same with chemicals in our systems.


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