Kids More Vulnerable to Mobile Tower Radiation: Report

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Srinagar, Sep 14: A report on mobile tower radiation by the Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai has brought to fore some startling revelations regarding the effects of radiation on human population in India. The report says kids are more vulnerable to the mobile tower radiations.

The report submitted by Prof Girish Kumar to the Department of Telecommunication New Delhi states that mobile phone tower radiation poses a “dangerous threat” to human, animal, bird and plant species in different states of India.

“Studies conducted in 2010 reveal that excessive use of mobile phones has doubled to quadrupled brain tumor risk,” the report by the IIT’s Electrical Engineering Department states.

“Children are at higher risk from exposures to carcinogens than adults and today very large population of children is using cell phones and also many of them sleep with the cell phones beneath their pillows every night without realizing the health hazards.”

Pertinently, sometime back experts had told Greater Kashmir that growing mobile towers were posing a grave threat to living species in J&K. The state government is unable to constitute a team to study the possible ill effects of mobile phone radiation in J&K, they had said.

The national-level report states that a number of adverse health effects have been documented including altered white blood cells in children, childhood leukemia, impaired motor function, reaction time, and memory, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, and insomnia.

“Children and pregnant women are more vulnerable to cell phone radiation. The radiation also causes irreversible infertility and damages DNA,” the report states.
The report states that radiation has an adverse effect on skin and is responsible for tinnitus and ear damage. “The radiations also severely affect eyes and weaken bones,” it states.

“The salivary gland tumor, melatonin reduction, sleep disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and increase in cancer risk are some of the other fallouts of emission of mobile phone radiation,” the IIT Mumbai report states. “The radiation has adverse effect on birds, animals and environment as well as on honey bees.”

The report also recommends solutions to reduce the ill effects of radiation with focus remaining at installing mobile towers with lesser transmitting power.

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