Is Wi-Fi Wireless Radiation Frying Our Brains? Part 2

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Is Wi-Fi Wireless Radiation Frying Our Brains? Part 1

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Since brain tumours often develop very slowly it may be many years before the full impact of our reliance on mobiles becomes clear. But they are already implicated in another area of concern to health professionals, the onset of dementia in those under 65.

Experts are at a loss to explain the increase in this condition which has seen a surge in demand for pre-senile dementia units across the country. But can we really be surprised when a study at the Institute of Environmental Medicine in Sweden confirmed this month that exposure to EMFs significantly accelerates brain degeneration?

The risks posed by EMFs are recognised not only by scientists, but hard-headed commercial organisations. In 1997, the insurance company Swiss-Re identified EMFs as likely to cause the biggest increase in claims in years to come. Swiss-Re and other insurers have therefore refused to indemnify the mobile phone operators against health claims from their customers.

Even so, we should not hold out much hope of our politicians protecting us from EMFs. The mobile phone industry in the UK contributes around £20 billion in tax every year, so it’s hardly likely the Government will take action to reduce the number of calls.

Indeed, it seems to be going in almost the opposite direction, encouraging the installation of Wi-Fi networks in our schools with tactics which sometimes verge on coercion. I’ve been told about a school which was threatened that it would receive no further government funding for computer technology if it did not install Wi-Fi.
In the absence of official intervention, it’s down to all of us to protect ourselves. My aim as a campaigner is not to scare people but inform them about the risks, so they can choose to take precautions.

Not everyone will want to follow my example. Because of our concerns about electrosmog, my wife and I have moved to a cottage in Scotland out of range of any mobile phone network. But there are small steps which we can all take. We should all try to use hands-free sets. And women should stop carrying mobiles in their bras (breast tissue being particularly susceptible to mobile phone microwaves), a trend which is becoming alarmingly fashionable.

We should also avoid cordless phones. Their base stations transmit 100 pulses a second, 24/7, even if you’re not using the phone, and at power levels equivalent to having a small mobile phone mast in your home.
You might also consider whether you really need wireless internet access in your home. One option is to buy dLAN adaptors which transmit the internet signal around the house by way of your ordinary electrical wiring.
Such changes will require small adjustments to our modern lifestyles. But until the evidence against EMFs is proven or disproven, these are surely sacrifices well worth making.

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