Is Electromagnetic Pollution Worse Than Air Pollution? Part 1

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Electromagnetic pollution is one kind of environmental pollution which is of electromagnetic origin. You can imagine it like a smog composed of many kinds of electromagnetic waves. For this reason the term “electromagnetic smog” or “electrosmog” is used sometimes against of the more official term of “electromagnetic pollution”.

Electromagnetic pollution is the result of electromagnetic excess of the environmental electromagnetic background that the electromagnetic waves radiated from many different technological products.

Inappropriate design of products, the need of companies for easy win, the existence of international standards and/or agreements without the correct level of focus to environmental issues, the higher safety limits, the misleading information and/or education and some kind of society problems are few of the reasons which permit the further expansion of electrosmog problems around the world.
Source of electromagnetic pollution is almost every electric, magnetic or electromagnetic device independently of size and use.

One simple example to understand the problem of electromagnetic pollution is the case of an inappropriately designed microwaves oven used for cooking. The microwaves which are produced inside it are used to heat the food. As result of inappropriate design, microwaves can usually propagate through the oven`s window to the environment. This is a kind of function which the oven does not need to have. It is not the reason was made. This useless radiation is an electromagnetic waste and it contributes to what is called electromagnetic pollution.

The electromagnetic radiation is divided to ionizing and not ionizing one, something which depends on frequency and applications (see the above picture). The sources of both kind of radiation can contribute to the existed electromagnetic environmental pollution.

Ionizing radiation is the one which can excite electrons from atoms and molecules or even to excite the nucleus of elements. It includes i.e. one part of Ultraviolet (UV) frequencies, X-ray frequencies, Gamma ray (γ-rays) frequencies and Cosmic ray frequencies.

Non-ionizing radiation is the one with no ability of ionizing. It includes i.e. visible light, Infrared (IR), Microwave (MW), Radio Frequencies (RF), Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF radiation) and the stable electric or magnetic fields (DC fields).
Non-ionizing radiation is produced by different kind of sources which exist at home, at work or outside i.e. power transmission lines, home electric devices, any kind or wireless network, any kind of radar etc. including cell phones, cell telephony base station antennas, PCs, routers and so many others.

The most important effect of non-ionizing radiation is the increase of temperature to the application area it acts i.e. human body or even the environment itself. The reason is the acceleration of charges because of the electromagnetic forces acting on them during radiation, which creates heating. In the case of human body, this heat can change the speed of biochemical reactions and possibly their function. Accidentally, it will take many years to understand bioelectromagnetic phenomena. So, the best for the time being is to understand what electromagnetic pollution is and also to keep the safety radiation limits at the acceptable level.

The activism about electromagnetic pollution should not be seen as a war between environmentalists and companies or health organizations but as a chance to improve the quality of life by using new better designed and more sophisticated technological products. It is a good chance to rebuild the existing market on a healthier basis with realistic prospects for everyone.

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