Is Cell Phone Radiation a Real Concern?

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The explosion in mobile phone use across the world has some scratching their head when it comes to the once-thought deadly radiation coming from cell phones. So are cell phones really dangerous to your health, or is this just a bunch of hot air?

As of 2009 there were 4.3 billion mobile phones in use around the world. These phones emit a type of radiation in the microwave range called electromagnetic radiation. This type of radiation is emitted from many home electronics and digital networking systems, so unless you’re a cabin-dwelling hermit living off the grid, this radiation is all around us in our everyday lives as it is.

According the World Health Organization, the radiation from cells phone could possibly be carcinogenic depending on the level of use and amount radiation it emits. Since cell phones, especially modern smart phones like the iphone 5, have only been around for a relatively short amount of time, researchers have not been able to come to a unanimous conclusion on phone radiation. If the radiation is carcinogenic, it will take a long period of usage to uncover, which in essence makes us, the first-generation cell phone users, the guinea pigs of a massive-scale experiment in radiation exposure.

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