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The iPhone might be threatening to your cerebral cortex. But then, so could any other mobile telephone.
And, the exact opposite may be true we simply do not have any definitive info one way or the other. That being related, The Register is reporting that replacement battery firm Exradia has called Apple ( NSDQ : AAPL ) out for paying no attention to potential health issue[s] with the iPhone. As everyone knows by this point, the iPhone’s battery is sealed within the handset and isn’t ( simply ) user replaceable. And, Exradia just launched a new selection of mobile telephone batteries with a combined circuit that keeps your telephone’s wireless radiation from causing havoc on your cortex / DNA. It seems like Exradia’s just playing up the potential danger of the radiation emitted by the iPhone to help sell some additional batteries with integrated RF-absorbing juju.

If you need to play it conservatively, just employ a headset.

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