How does the airtube headset and bluetube headset work?
The main health problem faced by mobile phone user is the exposure to harmful EM ( ElectroMagnetic )radiation. This can adversely effect the cells,tissues and other organs of human body. So in the year 2000 regular handsfree headsets were being utilised to reduce the adverse effects, but this can reduce the effect of EM radiations to less than 70 % only, so a good solution to this problem is to use ‘AIR TUBE HEADSETS ‘. It will be a very effective method especially when you are driving.

In the case of regular headsets the audio signal from the mobile device reach the ear piece via a wire, but in the case of an,Air tube headset, the audio signal propagate through the air filled tube which prevents EM radiations affecting us.Radiations from cell phones will affect our brain and can cause cell changes.Cell phones are operating in the microwave frequency range varying from 875 MHz t0 2.45 GHz approx. As we all know, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, so it would be better if use Air tube headsets for wireless protection and while driving. The Air tubes uses acoustic exchange principle which prevents radiation like in the case when wires are used.


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