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Cell phones are really just radio transmitters emitting signals through radio waves. These waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation, or EMR. When the cell phone is turned on it locates itself by broadcasting a series of signals to the cell phone carrier’s closest cell phone tower. The carrier then relays that information to the nearest mobile telephone switching office. When making a call the phone sends its data to the carrier’s nearest tower, to the switching office and then to the switching office in the area code of the number being called. Once the connection is made the cell phone’s transmitter packages your voice or text data onto a second radio wave that is created for the purpose of transmitting the information. This second wave is called the Information-Carrying Radio Wave, or ICRW.

When the call is received by the recipient’s switching office a connection is made through the nearest tower that connects the call with your phone. Through a processor in the phone the digital information signal is converted into an analog signal so a voice can be heard. All this occurs in an average time of four to eight seconds. Each cell phone contains its own transmitter. The purpose of the transmitter is to encode information onto a radio wave. This radio wave radiates out from the phone’s antenna evenly through space. The information being encoded, for example, could be the sound of your voice, the data from your text message or a photo. The transmitter will then send the encoded wave, with your information or voice, to the antenna and the antenna will then send the signal. The function of the antenna is to propel these radio waves out into space so that a receiver in a nearby cell tower will pick them up. This makes the antenna the most dangerous part of the phone.

Where The “Cell” In Cell Phone Comes From

Cell phone towers emit signals in a “flower petal” pattern around the tower. This 360degree radius around the tower is called a “cell” and this is what the term “cell” in cell phone means. When a cell phone is in a “cell” one usually enjoys good reception. But when the cell phone is not in a “cell” area reception is poor. So for a cell phone company to provide complete coverage cell phone towers and antenna towers must be positioned all across the countryside so that the “cells” overlap one another. One can begin to see what a huge infrastructure needs to be created to provide complete cell phone coverage. That’s why cell phone towers and antenna towers are so prevalent. And that’s why these antennas are installed in so many places like fire stations, schools, churches and rooftops everywhere.

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